How Inspirational Quotes can Make You Feel Better

How Inspirational Quotes can Make You Feel Better

Things will not always be smooth; there must be tough times along the way. During such times, we tend to turn to motivational quotes for inspiration, or even when we come across such quotes; we end up feeling better. But how does this happen?


The wording/ choice of words

Language or choice of words and how they are put together have great power in influencing how we feel. Well expressed wisdom is something that everybody yearns for. How an idea is expressed affects its impact on the recipient. For example, a quote by Martin Luther King of always moving forward without giving up. The choice of words in that quote and how they are put together definitely inspires us when facing failures.

The Aboriginal (primal) aspect of humans

As human beings, we are aspirational, and therefore, we will always tend to strive to do or follow what our role models or people that we deem to be successful say or ask of us. The idea that writers of great inspirational quotes are accomplished people makes us feel better for we know it worked for them, and it could also work for us.

Implicit coaching factor

Inspirational quotes tend to deliver a message that another person believes in us. That they believe in our ability to achieve that which we want to achieve. This will always make you feel better and also boost your confidence. Inspirational quotes make us have dialogues with ourselves hence inspiring us and reminding us that it is possible. And what can be a better feeling than that of hope of a better tomorrow or situation?

Use of metaphors

Most inspirational quotes use metaphors. Metaphors are figures of speech where something is compared to another. Use of metaphors in inspirational quotes helps us to relate them in the real sense. It gives them credibility, which in return makes us believe in them and hence feeling much better. For instance, how a blunt knife is compared to a talent that is not polished makes that quote relatable for we all know a blunt knife cannot cut anything unless it’s sharpened.

Inspirational quotes are meant to lift our spirits and inspire us. That is why they are written with a certain choice and arrangement of words, and at times metaphors are used to meet that objective

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